Coldest in at least two decades in parts of the Midwest

Polar vortex to bring ‘brutal cold’ to Upper Midwest by midweek

Arctic air has brought frigid conditions to Chicago shown here Friday and other parts of the Midwest

"A frigid arctic air mass is expected to spread across much of the north central and northeastern U.S. this week". Thursday's morning low dips at or below zero with highs in the teens and bitter cold all day long as the winds persist.

On the heels of the storm, almost a dozen states braced for a blast of arctic air known as a polar vortex.

The steadier, heavier precipitation arrives Tuesday night, mainly after 7pm from west to east.

While Winnipeg, southern Manitoba - well, really the entire province - has been dealing with significant cold weather lately, the daily mean temperature as of January 28 is still slightly above normal.

Arctic temperatures are making national headlines through the Midwest and parts of the Eastern U.S.

Forecasters warn that it only takes a few minutes of exposure to this kind of risky cold for life-threatening frostbite and hypothermia to set in.

The "polar vortex" is bearing down on the northern United States and is expected to drive temperatures as low as 20 to 30 degrees below zero, with windchills registering in the low -50s. Parts of northern Minnesota may see air temperatures below minus 30 and wind chills of minus 55 to minus 60.

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A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that cold weather is responsible for the majority of weather-related fatalities. Blustery northwesterly winds bring wind chills near, and in some cases, below zero both Wednesday and into Thursday morning. Winds are coming from the south, making it a bit warmer through the afternoon. Forecasters warn of record cold temperatures and wind chills that could be "possibly life threatening".

Highs will climb into the 30s and 40s in the Midwest on Saturday, with some places nearing 50 degrees.

On Monday morning, the NWS forecasted that the snow would change to freezing drizzle before ending completely.

The warmer days for the first two weeks have offset the recent cold stretch. "Make sure your heating system, pipes, etc. are as well-prepared as possible", it advised.

There's no arguing the Minneapolis-St.

"With the cold will also come wintry weather", said Dombeck, who added that New York City could see a coating to an inch of snow Tuesday night.

The weather service says the Rockford area could get colder than the record low of minus 27 degrees (negative 32.8 degrees Celsius) on Wednesday.

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