Officials urge vaccinations amid Northwest measles outbreak

Signs posted at The Vancouver Clinic in Vancouver Wash. warn patients and visitors of a measles outbreak on Wednesday Jan. 30 2019. The outbreak has sickened 39 people in the Pacific Northwest with 13 more cases suspected. At least one patient who

Anti-vaxx Mom Asks How To Protect Her Son From Measles Outbreak. The Internet Delivered.

Anyone who becomes sick or thinks they may have been exposed to measles should contact their health care provider immediately and let them know that you may have been exposed to measles.

About one in four people end up hospitalized from the measles.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee last week declared a state of emergency because of the outbreak.

If you suspect you have the measles or have been exposed to the virus, the CDC advises people to call their doctor immediately. Outside of the family noted above, there are no reports of secondary cases of measles.

Local public health officials are monitoring the outbreak up north, and Jackson County Health Officer Dr. Jim Shames said that the public will be alerted if a confirmed case makes it to Jackson County.

Unsurprisingly, the same people who peddled anti-science myths about vaccines causing autism, have also bolstered the idea that vaccines are a personal choice and not a public health responsibility. One to three of every 1,000 cases is fatal.

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Public health officials said Wednesday that 38 cases are in southwest Washington state, one is outside Portland, Oregon, and one is in Seattle. That raises the possibility of more cases among the unvaccinated.

Officials say the vast majority of people who have been infected are likely children of parents who decided not to have them vaccinated. The vaccine itself is incredible effective, and prevents measles in 97% of people.

The vaccine has been part of routine childhood shots for decades.

Nearly everyone who is not immune will get measles if they are exposed to the measles virus. DOH urges everyone to check their immunization records to verify that they are fully immunized and get vaccinated if they are not already.

Those who may have been exposed should watch for early symptoms of high fever, malaise and red eyes, followed by a rash that starts on the head and moves down the body.

The virus, spread by coughing or sneezing, can remain in the air for up to two hours in an isolated space. "And a few days after that, you get that famous rash", explained Alok Patel, MD, a pediatrician at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

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