Democratic Response To Trump's 2019 State Of The Union Address

GettyUS First Lady Melania Trump waves as she arrives for the State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington DC

GettyUS First Lady Melania Trump waves as she arrives for the State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington DC

Trump has been teasing the meeting in recent weeks.

Abrams was the first African-American woman to deliver the formal response to a State of the Union, and her appearance marked a stark change for Democrats after the last two Trump speeches.

President Trump's appeals for bipartisanship in his State of the Union address clashed with the rancorous atmosphere he has helped cultivate in the nation's capital - as well as the desire of most Democrats to block his agenda during his next two years in office.

The moment came after an eyebrow-raising call for unity from Trump that seemed at direct odds with his own long history of Twitter insults, especially coming on the heels of a pre-speech luncheon in which he reportedly insulted multiple political rivals. "It just doesn't work that way".

In her rebuttal speech, Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia state lawmaker who is seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party, will slam the shutdown as "a stunt engineered by the president of the United States, one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people, but our values", according to prereleased excerpts. He said the US has "the hottest economy anywhere in the world". The stock market, meanwhile, is down more than 3 percent since Trump's last State of the Union address, due to uncertainty about Trump's trade policy.

The diverse Democratic caucus, which includes a bevy of women, sat silently for much of President Trump's speech.

The partial government shutdown began on December 21 because of disagreements over money to build a U.S. -Mexico border wall.

European Union nations back Venezuelan opposition leader
The call came Monday from the Lima Group, which is made up of almost a dozen conservative Latin American nations and Canada. There has been criticism of the Trump administration's rhetoric on Venezuela since the crisis began.

"Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country", he concluded, to widespread applause.

To build on US economic success, Trump will say that "one priority is paramount: reversing decades of calamitous trade policies".

"In the past, most of the people in this room voted for a wall".

On foreign policy, Trump announced that he will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un later this month in Vietnam to, in his words, "continue our historic push for peace on the Korean Peninsula". Even as Trump implored Congress to support "a smart, strategic, see-through steel barrier", he made no reference to the modest offer to extend temporary protections for some undocumented immigrants that he had put forward last month in his Oval Office address. Several leading GOP lawmakers have sharply criticized his plans to withdraw from Syria, as well as from Afghanistan.

The Republican-led Senate this week broke with Trump on Syria and Afghanistan, passing a largely symbolic resolution that opposed a "precipitous withdrawal", insisting militants in both countries still pose a threat to the U.S.

"I'm disappointed by the president's approach to our problems", she said. "Great nations do not fight endless wars", Trump will say - comments that could upset many in Congress.

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