Moving Magnetic Pole story

Check your compass: The magnetic north pole is on the move

The Magnetic North Pole keeps moving about and it could be a problem

The Earth's north magnetic pole is moving away from the Canadian Arctic and is heading towards Siberia in Russian Federation, said the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Scientists first noticed the change in 2018 thanks to a "huge amount of satellite data", which showed the pole had gone beyond the model's predicted area, Beggan said.

Life would continue as it is although changes to the magnetic field could have repercussions for smartphones, consumer electronics, and navigation technology.

Since 1831, the north magnetic has been moving across the Canadian Arctic towards Russian Federation, which is unlike the geographic north pole, which is fixed, NOAA reported. And it went to 34 miles per year (55 kilometers per year), not per hour.

NOAA explained that the WMM is updated every five years, but due to the shift of the pole, scientists were forced to publish the WMM update a year earlier.

In a story February 4 about the magnetic north pole, The Associated Press erroneously described the pole's change in speed. He and his US counterparts worked on a new model, which was almost ready to be released when much of the USA federal government ran out of funding. "Due to unplanned variations in the Arctic region, scientists have released a new model to more accurately represent the change of the magnetic field between 2015 and now", said the news release. "This out-of-cycle update before next year's official release of WMM2020 will ensure safe navigation for military applications, commercial airlines, search and rescue operations, and others operating around the North Pole".

The military depends on where magnetic north is for navigation and parachute drops, while NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and US Forest Service also use it. Global Positioning System is not affected because it's satellite-based.

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Maintaining an accurate measurement of the north magnetic is especially crucial since the WMM is used by United States and British military agencies, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and smartphone technology, like Apple or Google Maps.

For example, the airport in Fairbanks, Alaska, renamed a runway 1L-19R to 2L-20R in 2009.

Some scientists believe that Earth could be heading for a magnetic pole reversal. The military uses the WMM for undersea and aircraft navigation, parachute deployment, and more.

These sporadic changes in direction and speed make it hard for scientists and the WMM to predict what exactly Earth's magnetic field will look like in five years.

The difference in pressure, composition and temperature between the cores creates a convection current, which causes the molten core to move. In 2017, he reported that the Canadian patch seems to be weakening, the result of a liquid iron sloshing through Earth's stormy core.

The pole has been the friend of navigators for millennia, beckoning compass needles from virtually every point on the planet. Just a half-century ago, the magnetic north pole was wandering about 7 miles each year.

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