Trump's remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast

Jess Hickey 
When your man says he washed the dishes and needs to be praised. #PelosiClap

Jess Hickey When your man says he washed the dishes and needs to be praised. #PelosiClap

Faith and political leaders are preparing to gather in the nation's capital Thursday for the 67th National Prayer Breakfast.

Chakwera is among other high profile signatories that have been invited.

In his speech at last year's event, Trump promised to cut the Johnson Amendment, which states that nonprofit organizations (including churches) would lose their tax-exempt status if they engaged in political speech and activity.

The annual event at the Washington Hilton's International Ballroom especially attracts conservative evangelicals jockeying to rub shoulders with Washington's elite.

President Trump, speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Thursday, assured his audience that his administration will protect religious liberties.

Trump: "All children, born and unborn, are made in the Holy image of God; every life is sacred and every soul is a precious gift from heaven".

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Replying directly to Ms Trump online , Ms Rubell said she would like for her to "form [her] own direct response". That is the icky truth at the centre of the work.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump was addressing a friendly crowd and had to pause his speech for applause several times.

Trump also thanked faith leaders for their efforts helping to pass criminal justice reform legislation, which he signed a year ago.

Pointing to the leadership of "people of faith" in some of the most important moments in American history, Trump appeared to suggest that they also had a hand in the "abolition of civil rights". He did not correct himself. Chris Coons, D-Del., and Sen. The US President agreed to reopen the government and sign temporary budget funding for government agencies through February 15.

Throughout the year, the two senators lead a weekly prayer breakfast with about two dozen members.

Coons, who has a master's degree from Yale Divinity School, has long advocated that the Democratic Party make greater efforts to reach voters of faith. Lankford said. "You have a faith; you can choose to live yours because that's the nature of the country that we're in". "As a result, a lot of younger Americans associate Christianity and public professions of faith with some of the most politically conservative and theologically conservative views".

WANT MORE of the CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE on Today's News? Lankford said. "And it's one of those foundational things that's in our democracy that I think people lose track of".

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