These Are Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy Buds

Galaxy S10 color options

Mobile See all of the Galaxy S10 color options expected to be available at launch Jacob Siegal

On the rear are dual cameras which are arranged horizontally.

Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Sport have been pouring in over the last week or so, but now we've seen further evidence that it won't be called that when it hits shop shelves. The company has been working on the device for a long time and we have seen plenty of leaks in the past that confirm the same. Also, the screen is flat rather than curved, which is actually great news to anyone looking for a flat screen high-end Galaxy S model. Both phones include a really thin "chin" below the display, and both come with Samsung's branding on the back.

The firm's own Exynos 9820 chip appears to have been put through some intense GeekBench tests and, if true, the results look impressive with the S10 beating all of its Android rivals in single and multi-core test.

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Agarwal also posted the exact dimensions for all three upcoming Samsung phones. The sensor is placed on the right side of the phone in the power button. The phone is expected to be the cheapest in the S10 lineup just as the iPhone Xr is for Apple's latest lineup.

Apple's latest phones all feature the new A12 Bionic brains which are regarded as the fastest now available.

It is unknown if this deal will extend to other regions but given Samsung's penchant for offering bonuses such as wireless chargers etc it would not surprise us to see this widespread - hopefully here in Australia too.

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