Anthem Post-Launch and Endgame Content Revealed

Anthem Coming To PS5 With Game Save Files Carrying Over - Rumor

Anthem's Post-Launch Roadmap Detailed, Starts in March

"Anthem" developer BioWare released new details on what users can expect from the multiplayer title's endgame, promising "new characters, missions, and stories in the future".

The full release date for Anthem is just under two weeks away now, but the release of the launch trailer makes sense seeing how the first opportunity people will have to play the full game will come on February 15th, but only for Origin Access Premier subscribers. A full breakdown is available on the official Anthem Endgame site. Said updates will start with "Evolving World", followed by "Stronger Together", and finally "The Cataclysm".

"They're created to be more seasonal", executive producer Mark Darrah said to GamesRadar of the event.

Anthem's marketing team and development heads have been very vocal on social media about the game's promise and its problems, but one recurring theme is that they're in for the long haul and will have lots and lots to bring to the experience in the months (and years?) ahead.

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Continuing the series, this gameplay video showcases your first story in Anthem, along with javelin personalization and a look at the expanding world of Anthem and its endgame content. You can customize them with the gear you earn and craft, then use them to fly, leap, and climb through a contiguous open world. Those are called Grandmaster 1, Grandmaster 2, and Grandmaster 3.

Anthem will feature six levels of difficulty, three of which unlock only in the post game. Different endgame objectives will reward the player with crafting blueprints for gear and personalization items.

Contracts and Legendary Contracts open to powerful Freelancers in Fort Tarsis will give you further multi-part missions and rewards, as will Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Challenges.

The video also teases that you can do freeplay in the end-game.

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