Spotify Will Block Your Account If You Use Ad Blockers

Spotify will start banning ad blockers

A Spotify logo in New

The new terms of service (TOS) are clear that all types of ad blockers, bots, and fraudulent streaming activities are not permitted.

Thus, according to the new terms of service, the warnings may end; users lose their account immediately if Spotify suspects they are using an adblocker.

Spotify (download for iOS or Android) is cracking down on listeners using ad blockers on the free version of the app. In August 2018, it was reported that the company has various detection methods in place monitoring consumption on the service. This development was a long time coming, as Spotify revealed last March that two million free users were using third-party tools to get around ads. Any account with suspicious or abnormal activity on this front will be red flagged. The company did not disclose if it wants to first warn free users that they risk a permanent ban on the service or the account would be terminated without prior notice. Spotify was more aggressive in some cases than others. This is to help off-set the cost of the service, since these users are not paying for it.

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After the policy takes effect on March 1st, the audio streaming giant can block accounts caught using ad block programs without warning.

It's an aggressive but important change as Spotify experiences one of the most notable inflection points in its history. Spotify responded to that by introducing multiple detection techniques a year ago.

Spotify is looking to expand as well with its recent acquisitions of Anchor and Gimlet Media as part of its effort to build its own podcasting network. For a business the size of Spotify, that's a serious problem.

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