Julian Edelman shaves beard during taping of 'The Ellen Show'

Farewell Julian Edelman's beard

Farewell Julian Edelman's beard

He received his hardware for the MVP heroics on the show. He left with only the trophy. He went on Ellen and let Ellen DeGeneres shave his beard off in exchange for a $10,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Boston.

By the end of it, Edelman looks pretty close to how he did in his rookie headshot from 2009.

As if you needed confirmation from the pass-catcher himself, we can tell you that Julian Edelman knew he could not be stopped in Super Bowl LIII against the Rams. She of course brought up his beard and how long he planned to keep it. Edelman said he wasn't sure - the king of T-shirts, Edelman has been selling ones with "MVP" carved into into his beard on his website - and that he was "feeling it out". And this just means he'll have another chance next January to grow out a beard fit for a family of birds.

Belichick has this thing that he says: 'Put everything in the drawer and [don't] worry about it until it's done.

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Taking his coach's words far too literally, Edelman put his razor in the drawer before this past season began and made a decision to just let it all grow, to the point where his beard expanded past the contours of Edelman's rather compact head to become its own separate entity.

Edelman actually appeared genuinely caught off guard by Ellen's proposition but was still game enough not only to take her up on the offer but also match the donation with $10,000 of his own money.

"I love you, beard", Edelman said. "It's been a hell of a year".

According to Mike Reiss of ESPN, the Patriots will be gearing up to sport a potent offensive attack come 2019-20 while adding some depth to the team's wide receiver corps.

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