Trump Holds El Paso Rally Followed by 'Ingraham Angle' Interview

President Trump Preps for El Paso Rally

Trump Supporters Form Human ‘Wall’ Along U.S.-Mexico Border

Trump's rally comes just four days before the possibility of another government shutdown.

In his State of the Union address on February 5, the president said that El Paso went from having "extremely high rates of violent crime - one of the highest in the entire country" - to being "one of the safest cities" in the U.S.

He plans to continue making his case for increased border security, which includes funding for the border wall.

Donning "Make America great again" hats, chanting "build a wall" and waving American flags, the demonstrators linked arms near an open section of the border at Sunland Park, northwest of El Paso. The former congressman is scheduled to deliver his speech at around the same time Trump takes the stage.

"The president is coming to El Paso Monday".

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O'Rourke has denounced Trump on Twitter for stoking "false fear" about immigrants and said the city must use the president's visit to "tell the true story about the border".

In his State of the Union, President Donald Trump said a "powerful barrier" had cut crime rates and turned El Paso, Texas, from one of the nation's most risky cities to one of its safest.

El Paso never had "one of the highest" rates of violent crime "in the entire country".

The remarks angered local politicians, including O'Rourke and the city's Republican mayor, because El Paso's crime rate was far below the national USA average before its border fence was expanded in 2005.

O'Rourke is set to lead a march in opposition to Trump's rally Monday night, with thousands expected to attend. It is not the sole deterrent. "These distortions about our vibrant community are harmful to our reputation and degrade our spirit", she wrote. "I urge you to treat this visit as your opportunity not only to correct the record and ensure that the misinformation you stated on the national stage is retracted but also an opportunity to apologize to El Pasoans for the disparagement of our community".

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