Gavin Newsom to Scale Down National Guard Presence at Border

California Governor To Pull National Guard Troops From U.S.-Mexico Border: 'This Is Our Answer To The White House—No More Division'

California governor to draw down guard troops at border

Gavin Newsom on Monday will recall hundreds of state National Guard troops from the southern border to protest what he calls "fear mongering" by President Donald Trump.

Newsom will allow roughly 100 troops to continue working with the federal government specifically focused on combating transnational drug and gun smuggling. The governor's office says some of these troops who are "specially trained counter-narcotic screeners" will be deployed to California ports of entry - both at the Mexican border and elsewhere.

But the National Guard has been aiding federal efforts along the border by handling duties that otherwise would have had to be performed by USA troops and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, including vehicle maintenance, administrative support and operating cameras on the border.

Newsom's predecessor -former Gov.

At a news conference Monday, Newsom called Americans lazy, saying they should question why the Trump Administration wants to spend $5.7 billion on border security.

"The Border "emergency" is a manufactured crisis," Newsom is expected to say Tuesday, according to prepared remarks provided by the governor's office.

Trump and Democrats in Congress have been engaged in a contentious battle over his proposed U.S./Mexico border wall, which would extend all the way from the Pacific Ocean to East Texas.

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Jerry Brown had yielded to Trump's request to send 400 National Guard troops to the border.

"We are living in a state and in a nation where people that are here without documentation commit crimes at a substantially lower level than native-born citizens". The troops were deployed by her Republican predecessor, Susana Martinez, a year ago at Trump's request. They can not act as a police force or make arrests.

Then-California Senate leader Kevin De Leon and 26 state legislators urged Brown to end the National Guard agreement.

The state's original order to send troops to the border, signed by Gov. Grisham publicly rebuked the Trump administration's immigration policies when she announced the withdrawal, something Newsom also appears primed to do.

According to CBS News, the Democratic governor plans to keep about 100 of the 360 troops now deployed at the border, but not for immigration purposes. "And the California National Guard will not be enforcing federal immigration laws".

"We have not been involved in the detention of immigrants". Camera operators and dispatchers report any illegal border crossing without knowing a person's intent _ or whether they are a criminal or a person in search of a better life, Baldwin said. Grisham said there is no overwhelming national security crisis at the border.

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