Measles outbreaks are the fault of anti-vaxxers, says World Health Organization

Reported cases of measles have spiked 30 per cent worldwide since 2016.							Jeff J Mitchell  Getty Images

Reported cases of measles have spiked 30 per cent worldwide since 2016. Jeff J Mitchell Getty Images

Lindenberger's mother is anti-vaccination, and Lindenberger said she has been influenced by false information.

Lindenberger has more shots scheduled for later this month.

Ethan said, "I'm a very obedient child. He continued, "I was just blown away that you know, the largest health organization in the entire world would be written off with a kind of conspiracy theory-like statement like that", adding that his mother 'kind of fell into this echo chamber, and got more and more misinformation".

Lindenberger tried to talk his mother, Jill Wheeler, into letting him and his younger siblings get vaccinated.

For most of his life, Lindenberger thought it was normal for most kids not to get immunized, but about two years ago he began to see how the posts about vaccines his own mother was sharing on social media were unsafe.

"I had grown up with my mom and she had been very vocal about her opinions on vaccines and how she felt they were unsafe and caused very bad side effects", Ethan Lindenberger, an 18-year-old pro-vaxxer from OH told Fox and Friends on Monday.

Stefanson says if anyone is concerned they are infected they should report to their doctor, but call ahead first so they can take precautions to isolate them and protect other patients. He read up on the dangers of anti-vaxxing and even pulled up CDC studies on his phone at the dinner table, he told the Washington Post.

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OH is one of 17 states that allow parents to opt out of required vaccines for philosophical reasons, and all but three states allow exemption because of religious beliefs, which more parents are taking advantage of. She went on to comment, "It was like him spitting on me, saying, 'You don't know anything, I don't trust you with anything". "I had grown up hearing that and when I started to move on to social media, you know, 13, 14, there was very online heated debate".

On Dec. 17, he walked into an Ohio Department of Health office in Norwalk and received vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza and HPV, according to a shot record viewed by The Post.

Each year, the CDC sets a children's vaccination schedule based on when kids are most likely to be at risk for a specific illness.

According to NPR, Ethan Lindenberger never received vaccines for diseases like hepatitis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, or the chickenpox. The benefit of vaccination goes far beyond an individual child.

Only three states prohibit all non-medical exemptions.

Many cite the anti-vaxxing movement as the cause of recent infectious disease outbreaks across the country. As a result, the teen was never vaccinated.

The report comes as both Canada and the United States face another year of measles outbreaks such as one now underway in Washington State and OR, where support for anti-vaccination has been notable.

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