Apex Legends, Titanfall 2 Score Impressive Player Counts

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Apex Legends

We'll see if it has staying power, but EA's new game Apex Legends has quickly rocketed past market leader Fortnite, with over 25 million sign-ups in just one week.

Here is hoping that this success will make EA re-consider and let Respawn develop Titanfall 3. Shortly after the announcement Monday, gamers were playing Apex Legends on the popular streaming game service Twitch at almost three times the number they were Fortnite, and even more than other popular streaming games like League of Legends. It's probably the combination of the words "free to play" (free with in-game purchases, of course), battle royale (a mode that can any shooter in 2019 can't go without) and Titanfall, the beloved gaming universe in which the game is set. The game captured 2.5 million players within the first day of its release and, two days later, that number climbed to a record-breaking 10 million players-a milestone that took previous record-holder "Fortnite" two weeks to achieve. But if it doesn't acknowledge the complaints of the community in season eight, Fortnite may slowly lose its crown as the biggest battle royale game.

"The video game industry continues to grow through a year of intense competition and transformational change", said EA head Andrew Wilson at the time. Since its launch last Monday, over 25 million players have played the game. Following a reveal stream from Respawn, Apex Legends unexpectedly launched Beyoncé-style on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 to instant success.

Peak viewership numbers tell a similar story, with Apex Legends securing 491,894 viewers and Fortnite landing at 326,454.

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It remains to be seen what Respawn has in store for Apex Legends moving forward, but its rapid growth certainly hasn't showed any signs of slowing just yet.

The massively successful first week is due in large part to a plethora of Twitch's most high-profile streamers spending large amounts of time airing the game.

And Apex Legends appears to be growing fast.

What happens when Epic Games implements the Apex features mentioned above into Fortnite?

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