Mars One, which offered 1-way trips to Mars, declared bankrupt

Mars One’s ill-fated dream unsurprisingly ends in bankruptcy

Mars One is dead

In case you missed the news yesterday: A redditor discovered a Swiss court filing from January in which Mars One was officially declared bankrupt.

In 2016, Mars One Ventures was procured by the Swiss organization InFin Innovative Finance, however, its site does not give off an impression of being active any longer.

Mars One Ventures has for some time been involved in the controversy over its dubious plan to send individuals to Mars, where they would supposedly live out the remainder of their lives. And in a surprise to no one, the whistleblower said Mars One had no real budget or concrete plan to even go to Mars, much less set up shop there.

Mars One selected volunteers all over the world who agreed to go to the Red Planet without the possibility of returning back to Earth.

The company had recently whittled down its large application list of would-be Martians to 100 names, with plans to reduce it further before starting full-time training.

Mars One's timelines were continually evolving, as well.

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He stated that the nonprofit foundation of Mars One, the Netherlands-based Mars One Foundation, was still alive but has no investment to add any value to the company.

Later that year, we reported that the Mars One mission was essentially uninsurable.

Describing its potential astronauts, Mars One said it was looking for people who are "intelligent, creative, psychologically stable and physically healthy". "A colony that surely will require great sociability, shared good feelings and cooperation to succeed?"

Then again, Mars One says a lot of things. The news was confirmed by the company's founder, Bas Lansdorp, to Engadget.

In a new press release - the first official word from the company since July 2018, by the way - Mars One Ventures confirms reports that it has hit bankruptcy, while noting that it has a month to figure out how to drag itself out of its grave.

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