Lufthansa Airlines Sues Customer Who Skipped Part Of His Return Flight

Airline sues passenger for not taking booked flight

Lufthansa 'to sue passenger for not showing up to booked flight'

The cheat is known as "skiplagging", with a passenger booking a flight from A to C via B, but with the intention of never making their B to C flight. However, the airline alleges the passenger instead took a separately booked flight from Frankfurt to Berlin.

German airline giant Lufthansa is suing a passenger who did not take the last leg of their ticketed journey in a bid to clamp down on a popular travel hack.

The Lufthansa passenger paid 657 euros ($741, at today's rate) to fly business class from Oslo to Seattle and back, with layovers in Frankfurt.

Before travelers were pulled into the digital world of algorithms that airlines use to maximize their revenue stream, they would often try ploys like "hidden city ticketing", where the passenger books a ticket to a fictitious destination (the "hidden" city) with a connection at the intended destination, then walks away at the connection node and discards the remaining segment.

Hidden city ticketing frustrates airlines, and Lufthansa reportedly sought around $2,385 in damages from the passenger, claiming he violated the airline's terms of service.

But Lufthansa, which is vulnerable because Frankfurt and Munich are both used as stopovers for multi-stop flights, is looking to make an example to deter customers from using this hack.

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Network carriers such as Lufthansa set their prices based on charging less for more flights.

Flyers who skiplag have to generally travel with carry-on only, as luggage is normally sent directly to the final booked destination.

While the Berlin district court dismissed the lawsuit initially in December, CNN reported this week that the company has already filed an appeal and plans to pursue it further.

A Lufthansa spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle, "We presently can not comment on this issue, as it is an ongoing court case".

However, that suit was thrown out by an IL judge, who said the district didn't have jurisdiction over the issue.

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