McCabe: NY Times Report on Trump-Whitaker Call 'Consistent' With My Experience

NYT Trump asked Whitaker for new investigator on Cohen

NYT: Trump asked Whitaker if he could put prosecutor in charge of Cohen probe

According to the Times, Trump asked Whitaker if Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of NY and a Trump supporter, could oversee the probe.

Late past year, Trump asked Matthew Whitaker - who at the time was his acting attorney general - whether a sympathetic prosecutor could head up the probe, The New York Times reported.

Berman had been chosen by Trump to lead the NY district and seemed a safe choice for the president; he donated $5,400 to the Trump campaign in 2016. He asked whether Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney for the Southern District of NY and a Trump ally, could be put in charge of the widening investigation, according to several American officials with direct knowledge of the call. Despite the apparent malign reasons behind his appointment, they claimed, the structure of the Justice Department and its internal pressures would prevent him from doing anything to subvert the fundamental objective fo the investigations.

The Justice Department said Whitaker stands by his testimony.

"Mr. Gaetz and Mr. Jordan began huddling with like-minded Republicans, sometimes including Representative Mark Meadows, a press-savvy North Carolinian close to Mr. Trump, and Representative Devin Nunes of California, the head of the House Intelligence Committee", the Times reported, identifying this period as the time when "the president's fiercest allies in Congress and the conservative media were busy trying to flip the script on the federal law enforcement agencies and officials who began the inquiry into Mr. Trump's campaign". It's not at all clear that we fully understand the full extent of Whitaker's influence while overseeing the Justice Department. The Senate confirmed William Barr ― who previously served as attorney general ― to the post once again last week.

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Although Whitaker disquieted many lawmakers after making many extraordinarily pro-Trump statements, the acting attorney general knew that Berman could not be put in charge since he had just recused himself anyway.

The probe centers on payments made by Michael Cohen, Trump's attorney at the time, to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, who allegedly had affairs with Trump.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison and will testify before three congressional panels later this month. Mr. Whitaker said the president never pressured him over the investigations.

He added that the claims in the New York Times report were impeachable offenses.

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