5G networks: Trump says U.S. shouldn't block technology

Trump speaks during an event in the Rose Garden at the White House to declare a national emergency in order to build a wall along the southern border Friday Feb. 15 2019 in Washington

Trump urges U.S. telecommunications companies to step up 5G systems

While admitting the latest generation of mobile communication is "far more powerful, faster and smarter" than its predecessors, the president showed that his outlook on American technological progress is even more far-sighted.

In a series of tweets, the Trump said he wants American networks to "win through competition" instead of "blocking out" more advanced technologies.

To be fair, the current US President is mostly just demanding 5G, as you can see in the tweet below, but it's also incredibly weird to even mention 6G, something that doesn't even exist on a theoretical level yet.

In a couple of tweets Thursday, the president said he wants 5G or even 6G internet in the U.S.as soon as possible.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, in an interview with CBS News on Thursday, says the U.S.is wrong to treat 5G as "an atomic bomb" and said his company will be rolling out "new equipment that is suitable for the United States".

The US has been pressuring allies to exclude the Chinese telecoms giant from their future 5G mobile networks.

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For now, let's just enjoy Samsung's sort-of-announced Galaxy S10 5G and those iPhones that claim to be 5G when they're not. As we Malaysians continue to roll out 5G networks (and may just get them before the United States, lol) feel free to check out the tweet for yourself below.

He concluded by saying, "We must always be the leader in everything we do, especially when it comes to the very exciting world of technology!".

Twitter users were more direct in their snark. This has led many to speculate he might be ready to take a softer stance on Chinese 5G developer Huawei.

Progression is what is needed.

Another user demanded changes in the 1996 Telecom Act and said that a better nationwide fibre network deployment and backhaul infrastructure changes were the need of the hour. The thought that anyone will come up with a 6G option any time soon is simply one that Trump, and indeed everyone else, should probably get out of their head sooner rather than later.

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