Watch SpaceX Bring World's First Private Lunar Mission Into Space

SpaceX Is Launching Israel's First Mission to the Moon Tonight

Israel aiming to land on moon with SpaceX lau...

The spacecraft - called Beresheet, Hebrew for Genesis or "In The Beginning" - will take almost two months to reach the moon.

SpaceIL said it hoped Beresheet would help inspire Israel's defence-focused space program to pursue more science missions by way of an "Apollo effect", referring to the manned lunar exploration program that became NASA's chief objective in the 1960s and early '70s. During SpaceX's live broadcast it was confirmed that SpaceIL had received a signal from the craft and that its landing legs had deployed.

In addition to the Beresheet lunar lander, the rocket successfully delivered the Indonesian Nusantara Satu telecommunications satellite and the S5 experimental smallsat owned by the US Air Force.

The spacecraft brought an instrument built by the Weizmann Institute of Science, which will measure the moon's magnetic fields as it approaches its landing site at a lava plain called Mare Serenitatis, or the Sea of Serenity. Back you have left before all of the twelve astronauts who have set foot in the US Apollo missions to the moon.

Beresheet will travel approximately 4 million miles on its journey, circling the earth multiple times to gain speed before it slingshots toward the moon.

"This is Uber-style space exploration, so we're riding shotgun on the rocket", Winetraub explained at a news conference on the eve of launch.

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The Air Force Rrch Laboratory (AFRL) S5 spacecraft is meant to set whether low-priced satellites could be used for Department of Defence missions.

First Beresheet will orbit the Earth for not quite two months.

The spacecraft likewise has an instrument in a collaboration with NASA. The first "soft landings" for both countries came in 1966, when spacecraft made controlled descents to the lunar surface. The satellite was initially a competitor of Google Lunar Xprize but that project ended past year with no winners. Beresheet is only expected to survive on the lunar surface for about two or three days.

There are no plans for Beresheet to leave the moon, so its creators have also added historical, cultural, and scientific materials on three disks to serve as a sort of time capsule and monument to the first Israeli spacecraft.

Ramon's widow, Rona, was a big supporter of Beresheet; she died of cancer in December.

During the tense livestreamed landing, another SpaceX engineer said the rocket landed on a drone ship, a robotic landing platform in the Atlantic Ocean, "despite the challenging conditions".

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