Washington Plans to Create Scientist Group to Reassess Findings on Climate Change

Washington Post: White House plans to assemble group of scientists to re-evaluate climate science conclusions

Fake science: The White House reportedly wants a new dodgy panel of scientists to challenge the government’s climate change findings

The White House plans on assembling an ad-hoc group of scientists to refute the widely proven detrimental effects of climate change and humans' role in expediting the process through the burning of fossil fuels, the Washington Post reports.

The list of people who have been contacted to join the group include a scientist who called climate change believers a "cult", as well as other scientists with more mainstream beliefs. When formal advisory committees are usually set up, they are subject to stringent regulations that require public meetings, accommodation of records requests, and membership standards.

Shortly after the report was released, Trump directly negated the report by saying he doesn't believe climate change is man-made. Reported group organizers include NSC senior director William Happer and New York University physics professor Steve Koonin, who wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed downplaying the climate assessment results.

Apparently the group wouldn't even be analyzing intelligence community assessments of climate change from recent years, officials told the Post.

The National Security Council has refused to comment on the matter to the newspaper.

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More than one participant suggested that they might face a challenge establishing an independent outside panel that would question central findings of the National Climate Assessment and other landmark federal reports, said one official familiar with the discussion.

The White House is reportedly creating a task-force to reevaluate and scrutinize government climate findings. One federal climate scientist, who asked for anonymity to avoid possible retaliation, said agency researchers had pursued and published their research in the past two years without meaningful resistance. "Everyone had a chance to review the reports before they were released by this administration ― and if they were part of a federal agency, they had multiple chances".

Trump officials had weighed the idea of conducting a "red team-blue team" exercise on climate change, an idea espoused by Scott Pruitt, who was then the chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, during the early months of the administration.

"When it comes down to climate change, we are talking about thousands of independent papers, from everywhere, finding exactly the same thing: that the climate is changing, that we are doing it and that most often than not, the impacts are pretty bad", Mora said.

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