Britain's Labour Party backs Brexit referendum

It's for the left to stand up and be counted in the fight for a People's Vote

Bring on that second Brexit vote

But Corbyn, like numerous party's supporters in the country, is no admirer of the European Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May had averted a major crisis by giving in to demands from her Cabinet to offer MPs the chance to rule out a no-deal Brexit in the event that her withdrawal agreement was once again rejected by Parliament.

Just 204 of the party's 313 MPs who were eligible to vote backed the measure.

Labour officially moved to back a referendum on Wednesday night, in adherence with their Brexit policy agreed at a conference in September, after seeing their own plans rejected by 323 to 240 MPs in the House of Commons.

Ex-Agriculture Minister George Eustice says "we can not negotiate a successful Brexit unless we are prepared to walk through the (exit) door". We would then all have to vote on it ...

Asked what the question should be if there is another referendum, professor Keen said: "Well, my question would be, have we stuffed it?" Should the EU-27 grant this, both the Commons and Lords must also vote to allow the now legally binding exit date of March 29 to be changed.

The defections also focused the mind of the Prime Minister, who, after resignation threats from her ministers, agreed to a mechanism which would delay Brexit rather than allow the United Kingdom to leave with no deal on 29 March.

The shift appears to have been prompted by the defection of nine Labour MPs last week, many of whom cited Corbyn's ambiguous Brexit stance as a reason.

If her deal is voted down, May has promised that lawmakers will get a chance to vote the day after on whether to leave with no deal and then on March 14 to vote on asking the European Union to delay the deadline.

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Corbyn came under increasing pressure from Starmer and the shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to start compromising with his own MPs and work towards a second referendum, or risk further defections and a potentially irrecoverable split.

In the last seven days, we've seen the creation of the Independent Group, the government showing public willingness to delay Brexit, and most importantly, Labour finally coming out in support of a People's Vote.

Austria's leader says he would like to see Brexit resolved before the European Parliament elections in late May because it would be "absurd" for a country that wants to leave the European Union to vote for its legislature.

Cooper had refused to drop her amendment despite the government backing because she said she wanted to hold the Prime Minister to her word.

The second message that you gave me was when you voted for me at the 2017 election, when I promised that I would vote to deliver Brexit and I stand by this promise.

"It was put to me earlier that this was a course that we should not adopt because of the social unrest it might cause". May's Brexit deal and remaining a member of the European Union.

Any more significant Conservative bust-ups have now been delayed for up to two weeks, as May prepares to bring her Withdrawal Agreement back to the Commons for a "meaningful vote" by March 12, although there have been hints the showdown could be as soon as next week.

A briefing paper reportedly given to Labour MPs said any referendum would need to have "a credible Leave option and Remain".

"That is nowhere near enough to offset the Labour MPs who are not on board for whatever reason", said one MP who meant to back any amendment for a second referendum.

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