Trump warns conservatives against 'socialist nightmare' in fiery 2-hour speech

Trump to Address Conservative Conference

Trump Fumes Following Cohen Testimony: Mueller Investigation 'Bulls**t'

The White House has rejected Cohen's allegations and on Saturday, Trump said his talks with Kim were productive and could lead to an agreement in which other, unspecified nations provide aid to Pyongyang.

Ahead of the announcement, Trump invited Hayden Williams, a conservative activist who was assaulted at the University of California, Berkeley last month, on stage to discuss the February 19 incident. He spoke on a variety of issues, including special counsel Robert Muller's Russian Federation investigation, his recent summit in Vietnam with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and the Democrats running for president in 2020. "Here is the good news", Trump said.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Daniel Wessel quickly hit back on Saturday afternoon, describing the speech in a statement as "a weird, unhinged rant". Trump said. "I should have saved the Pocahontas thing for another year because that destroyed her political career and now I won't get a chance to run against her".

Neither Williams nor the man suspected of punching him are students at UC Berkeley.

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the four-day conference to warn the faithful that Democrats are taking a "hard left turn" ahead of 2020.

Trump also went after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, essentially accusing him of being a drag on the economy.

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But Corbyn, like numerous party's supporters in the country, is no admirer of the European Union . Just 204 of the party's 313 MPs who were eligible to vote backed the measure.

I am grateful to the University of California Berkeley Police Department for its dedication to identifying and arresting the man who attacked me.

So if I were Trump or people advising Trump, I'd be very skeptical of ditching that kind of original message.

"We're waiting for a report by people who weren't elected", he told a crowd of cheering conservatives. He said he always sits with the pilots when airplanes are landing: "They know what we're doing". Sessions recused himself from everything related to the allegations shortly before that.

During his discussion on firing former FBI Director James Comey, the president brought up the "lyin' James Comey" nickname and later added that "he's a bad, bad guy". "I would like to watch television, darling", Trump said mockingly. "Now how do you do that?"

Trump has denounced the special counsel probe as the single greatest "witch hunt" in the country's history.

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