SpaceX Docked Its ‘Crew Dragon’ Capsule with the Space Station This Weekend

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A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket docks with the International Space Station during the Demo-1 mission on Sunday. NASA AFP

It will be slowed by four parachutes, in what is the one of the mission's riskiest stages.The launch is a key step towards resuming manned space flights from U.S. soil after an eight-year break.

Crew Dragon is scheduled to spend a total of five days docked at the ISS before returning to Earth to land in the Atlantic Ocean. Crew Dragon Capsule mission will be completed when the Dragon Capsule will come back to Earth on Friday.

A dummy named Ripley is onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket during liftoff Saturday at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Jim Bridenstine, head of the USA space agency, has explained NASA wants to reduce costs in low orbit to devote resources to getting back to the Moon and constructing a small space station in lunar orbit in the 2020s. It was SpaceX's 35th successful landing of a rocket booster since its program began.

The mission was a test-run for sending American astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), possibly as early as July, breaking the current Russian monopoly as the only country able to send...

The first SpaceX Crew Dragon mission performed a flawless autonomous docking with the International Space Station (ISS) early yesterday.

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SpaceX said the spacesuit for Ripley, apparently a reference to the protagonist in the science fiction movie "Alien", has been embedded with sensors around its head, neck, and spine to monitor how a flight would feel for a human. A while later, both astronauts as well as ISS commander Oleg Kononenko boarded the capsule and had a look around.

That means the Crew Dragon had to have the intramodule ventilation system installed that is in charge of moving air from the capsule to the ISS.

Several lasers and software helped dragon capsule to scan docking adapter, and it attached itself. The capsule wasn't using the robotic arm on the ISS for navigation, and also didn't have a backup method.

ELON MUSK: To be frank, I'm a little emotionally exhausted because that was super stressful, but it worked - so far. Musk continues and says "And I think it'd be pretty cool if people went to space station on an American vehicle as well".

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