Crew Dragon is coming back to Earth: What to know

This still image taken from NASA TV shows SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft safely aboard the company's recovery vessel following splashdown

ISS Crew Member Earth Continues Work Aboard the Station

The spacecraft splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean at 8:45 a.m.

Musk's tweet was his reaction an article, published by the Ars Technica technology news outlet, about Russia's reaction to the recent launch of SpaceX-manufactured Crew Dragon vehicle and its docking to the International Space Station (ISS).

The demonstration flight, whose lone occupant is a test dummy named Ripley, is a crucial step in Nasa's delayed quest to resume human space flight from the United States this year. Before the mission, NASA officials had said the spacecraft's ability to dock autonomously to the station would be one of the biggest tests of the vehicle.

As part of the validation process, SpaceX and NASA will conduct an in-flight abort test, launching the Crew Dragon on top of a modified Falcon 9 rocket and then terminating the rocket engine as it reaches the point of max q - when pressure on the spacecraft is at its greatest. Provided it goes well, the first crewed mission of SpaceX's capsule will occur in July, featuring astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. They still hoped that a crewed test flight could take place before the end of the year but did not commit to a specific schedule. This extra safety precaution means the capsule has a more asymmetrical shape than the Cargo Dragon ship, which has more of a cone shape and has completed 16 missions to the space station.

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A judge in that case gave Musk until Monday to say why he should not be held in contempt for violating the terms of the settlement. I think it's unlikely; we've run simulations a thousand times.

At least until the first crewed Dragon makes an appearance to bring "Earthy" home. But don't worry- she's a dummy. Scientists are using this technology to analyze whether the trip is safe for humans.

It marks the end of a highly successful and long-awaited debut of a crew-capable vehicle for the U.S., almost eight years after the last Space Shuttle touched down.

The main goal of the Crew Dragon mission was to test whether the capsule can safely deliver astronauts to and from the International Space Station. The astronauts have been showing the Earth buddy around the space station. After being released by the rocket's second stage, the Crew Dragon executed a series of orbital phasing maneuvers, finally rendezvousing with the International Space Station on Sunday morning. It was carrying about 400 pounds of supplies for the ISS and a space-suited dummy named Ripley, which is "fitted with sensors around the head, neck and spine to record everything an astronaut would experience throughout the mission".

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