Windows 10 will now automatically uninstall problematic Updates

New Windows patch might make some games perform worse

Latest Windows 10 update may hamper gaming performance, says Microsoft

Users who still want to install them because they believe the removed Windows updates weren't the cause behind the startup failures can do so by downloading them from the Windows Update Catalog as described in this Microsoft support document.

The support document is aptly titled "Why were recently installed updates removed?" The first is to try and regain trust after the October 2019 Update (1809) had to be recalled following a raft of compatibility and file integrity issues. Windows Updates which fail dues to software incompatibilities will get automatically uninstalled.

Your device has recently recovered from a startup failure if you have received this notification: "We removed some recently installed updates to recover your device from a startup failure".

Windows 10 may remove recently installed updates as part of a troubleshooting process to restore proper startup behavior.

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Updates to Windows are supposed to fix problems and improve security, but sometimes they do the opposite. The company explains that "this is only done when all other automatic recovery attempts have been unsuccessful".

The update that is causing the issue will also be blocked from being installed automatically for 30 days, during which time Microsoft will hopefully fix any issues with the update.

The update will bring several major changes, including Windows Sandbox to run applications in a secure environment similar to virtual machines. The company is reportedly planning to launch the new feature as soon as this week, allowing Insiders to try out the new feature on their Windows 10 device.

The same update also introduces a new light theme for desktop users, as well as lots of refinements here and there to refine the experience overall. Of course, if you can't wait that long, you can manually force the updates to be installed.

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