Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Had 'Flight Control Problems'

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Man Says He Missed Doomed Ethiopian Airlines Flight by Minutes: 'I Collapsed'

The company issued an official statement on the matter confirming that the flight has crashed with 149 passengers and eight crew members on board.

The pilot of a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight reported having "flight control problems" soon before the crash, the airline's CEO says.

Pius Adesanmi is one of 157 people who died when the Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed just after takeoff Sunday, reportedly due to technical issues. In the United States, only Southwest and American Airlines use the 737 Max 8 plane and the FAA has not ordered a grounding of them as yet.

Boeing's newest plane, the 737 MAX 8 jet, is under scrutiny for safety concerns after another incident less than six months ago with the same model, News24 earlier reported.

Messent was travelling to Kenya to participate in an environmental assembly hosted by the United Nations, where he would have met with youth and leaders from around the world.

Possibly presaging a raft of claims, Norwegian Air said it would seek recompense for lost revenue and extra costs after grounding its 737 MAX aircraft.

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The black boxes from the crash have been recovered and an airline spokesman said they would be sent to Germany for analysis.

"DNA work has not started yet", Begashaw said. They were 0.7 percent higher in NY around midday on Wednesday.

Gebremariam says the pilot had asked to return to base and his request was approved shortly before the fatal crash.

The new variant of the world's most-sold modern passenger aircraft was viewed as the likely workhorse for airlines for decades.

Tewolde said the bulletin was distributed to all pilots flying the plane. But October's Lion Air crash in Indonesia sparked a debate on automation, particularly over a software system created to push the plane down to stop a stall during flight.

"We don't yet know the exact cause of the accident, and speculation is not helpful in either way", Mr GebreMariam said, "but I think there are questions without answers on the airplane".

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