BIGBANG's Seungri grilled over sex-for-favors allegations

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Yong Junhyung and Choi Jong-hoon quit their respective bands

According to SBS, Jung, 29, took spy cam footage and shared them with his acquaintances via group chats on mobile messenger apps.

South Korea has been battling a growing epidemic of so-called "molka", or spycam videos - mostly of women, secretly filmed by men.

Many face tremendous pressure to look and behave perfectly in an industry powered by so-called "fandoms" - groups of well-organized admirers at home and overseas who spend enormous amounts of time and money to help their favored stars climb up the charts and attack their perceived rivals. "In a statement, the talent agency said that they would "[honour] Seungri's request to terminate his exclusive contract" and that they wanted to "apologise for the concern we have caused many people, including the fans, due to the numerous suspicions and controversies".

"Most of his fans would agree that Seungri is an exceptionally hard working star", Lee told AFP. An ex-girlfriend made an allegation against him in 2016, but ultimately withdrew it.

"Learning two foreign languages while being a K-pop star is definitely not an easy thing".

Seungri - who has multiple business interests - was interviewed at the weekend over accusations he lobbied potential investors by offering them the services of prostitutes at nightclubs in Seoul's posh Gangnam district.

That report followed closely on the heels of a report that a man who had reported sexual abuse at Burning Sun, a club Seungri is widely thought to have been involved in running, was beaten by the police who arrived on the scene, suggesting possible collusion between the police and the club management.

The singer earned the nickname "The Great Gatsby of K-Pop" because of his rumoured party lifestyle. He apologized to the victims and to those he disappointed and angered. "While receiving the witness interview, I saw exactly what conversations I had in the past, and I was embarrassed and could not help but feel horrified", he wrote, but claimed that his relationship with Jung was limited to "greeting each other once in awhile". He continued, "I did not receive a video at the time, but I did receive a video at a different instance".

K-pop star Jung Joon-young arrives for questioning at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Seoul
K-pop star Jung Joon-young arrives for questioning at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Seoul

"I just want people to know this is not OK".

Jung admitted on Wednesday to having shared videos he secretly took while having sex with women.

The allegations against the boyish stars who epitomize an industry that has put South Korean pop culture on the global stage has triggered a blame game with accusations the business has neglected young stars' morality in the lust for fame and fortune.

In a society where patriarchal values are still deeply ingrained, circulation of such content can significantly damage a woman's reputation.

According to Han Sol, an activist at Flaming Feminist Action, such videos have always been watched and shared by South Korean men as a form of entertainment and a way to strengthen their "brotherly ties".

Thousands of women protested in Seoul a year ago on several occasions against spycam and revenge porn videos, as part of the country's ongoing #MeToo movement.

South Korea's police chief Min Gap Ryong told lawmakers Thursday that he would seek a joint investigation with military authorities if Seungri joins the army as scheduled and avoids an arrest.

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