Conor McGregor went in for a handshake before smashing phone, fan says

Former UFC champion Conor Mc Gregor is speaking out following his Monday morning arrest in Miami. More

Former UFC champion Conor Mc Gregor is speaking out following his Monday morning arrest in Miami. More

"Conor picked the phone up, put it in his pocket and laughed."Abdirzak says McGregor then got into a auto and pulled away, with a hotel manager then approaching him saying that he (Abdirzak) would be looked after".

Ahmed Abdirzk, the alleged victim, told TMZ on Wednesday that the whole kerfuffle started when he saw McGregor while waiting for his auto at the nightclub valet station.

Conor McGregor was arrested recently for walking off with a dude's cellphone after a fan was just trying to snap a picture.

"As soon as he came to shake my hand, he pulled me in, and he grabbed my phone and started smashing it. All his security guards literally surrounded me, pushing me out of the way".

On the morning of March 11, a 30-year-old McGregor argued with fan who tried to take his picture with his camera phone. He was being real rude like, 'Get the fuck out of my face, you don't just do that.' So I was like, 'Sir can I have my phone back?'

McGregor was arrested Monday night and charged with felony strong-armed robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief in connection to the incident.

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McGregor allegedly picked up the phone and slipped it into his pocked before casually strolling back to his SUV, reported.

As of this writing, Abdirzak says he will be discussing with lawyers if charges will be filed.

"Last evening Conor McGregor was involved in a minor altercation over a cell phone that resulted in a call to law enforcement", Rabin's statement read.

"Mr. McGregor appreciates the response of law enforcement and pledges his full co-operation". McGregor was out of jail quickly as soon as they let him pay his bail money.

Conor McGregor is among the biggest and the most popular names when it comes to the UFC.

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