Firefox Send lets you share 2.5GB encrypted files for free

Firefox Send lets you share 1GB files with no strings attached

Mozilla launches Firefox Send, a free self-destructing file-sharing service

Now that it's a keeper, we've made it even better, offering higher upload limits and greater control over the files you share. For example, you can choose when your file link expires, the number of downloads, and enable an optional password.

"Although we develop our services in ways to minimize identification, you should know that it may be possible to correlate the IP address of a Send user to the IP address of other Mozilla services with accounts; and if there is a match, this could identify the account email address", Mozilla informs.

We first met Firefox Send previous year as one of the company's "Test Pilot" experiments.

Files that are sent using Send are end-to-end encrypted which means your data is secure from the moment you send it to the moment it's opened.

Firefox Send lets you share 1GB files with no strings attached
Mozilla launches Firefox Send, a free, encrypted file-sharing service

Transfers of 1GB will require you to register for a Firefox account but don't worry, that's free and you don't need to have Firefox as your default browser.

Why it matters: Sending large files to others can be a tricky process sometimes. Mozilla makes it easy to keep your files safe, ' claimed Mozilla's Nick Nguyen at the time. Still, Send shouldn't be trusted with the most sensitive types of data, such as files that might land a dissident or whistleblower in prison.

Mozilla is also releasing a Firefox Send app for Android.

Mozilla touts Firefox Send as focusing on privacy and uses encryption to protect files. The service, which will serve as a direct competitor to the publicly traded Dropbox, lets anyone quickly, and easily, share important files, before it gives them the disappearing Snapchat treatment, making them disappear forever into the dark void of the Internet. Despite the branding, Firefox Send works with any browser.

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