Tucker Carlson Doubles Down On Racism

Richard Drew | AP

Richard Drew | AP

The Fox News host has had several audio recordings released in which he calls people in Iraq "lunatic Muslims" who "don't use toilet paper or forks".

"I gotta be honest, I thought she was kind of appealing", Carlson said as he talked about what South Carolina's age of consent was.

An analysis by Samba TV found that Carlson had 39 advertisers on the Monday before the tapes uncovered by Media Matters made big headlines, and just 14 advertisers the day after, TheWrap reported. "She's like a wounded gazelle and separated from the herd".

At one point in the audio clip, Tucker claims the teen would "probably be a good wife".

After his show on Tuesday, Carlson's Fox News colleague Sean Hannity commended him for fending off his many detractors, adding that Carlson had delayed a vacation to defend himself on air (though, later, a Fox News spokesman said Hannity misspoke and that Carlson was always scheduled to host his show this week). "I was very, very depressed", she said.

Fox News executives also told the Times that the presentation was planned months ago.

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According to The Daily Beast, in the newest audio recording Carlson talks about approaching the teen contestant in the bathroom: "I was thinking about tapping my foot next to her stall", he said.

Carlson later says, "I was thinking about tapping my foot next to her stall" - an apparent reference to a code to express a desire for sex.

Despite outrage, and an effort targeting companies who advertise on his show, Carlson dug in.

"We know there is a lot of noise out there, but the voice of a few shouldn't prevent you from marketing your brands to millions of consumers who actually buy your products and services", Marianne Gambelli, the network's head of advertising, said at a presentation to sponsors, per the Los Angeles Times. In other clips, Carlson described women as "extremely primitive" and suggested that illegal marriages between adults and underage girls were not as serious as forced child rape and that he would "love" a scenario involving young girls experimenting sexually.

Carlson's newly unearthed comments sparked immediate and intense backlash. "But we will never bow to the mob, ever", Carlson said.

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