Unlocked Galaxy Note9 receives Android Pie in the US

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As of now the Galaxy S10e is the company’s cheapest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor smartphone

Samsung recently launched its latest Galaxy S10 in Canada and beyond.

Hearing that users have cracked the facial recognition screen lock feature in one of the world's top phones didn't trigger the same shock and awe reaction that it used to a few years back.

Beau HD unboxes the Galaxy S10e and provides his first impressions of the device after using it for about one day as his daily driver. A study by a Dutch non-profit previous year found that investigators could bypass face unlock-type of features on 42 out of the 110 smartphones they tested.

For instance, as reported by AndroidPolice, SmartWorld was able to unlock a Galaxy S10 using a simple photo of the owner, while security researcher Jane Manchun Wong was able to unlock her brother's device using her own face because of family resemblance.

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If you're using a Galaxy S10 right now and you care about security, you may want to disable face recognition and use the in-display fingerprint reader instead.

Samsung is unusual in the way it handles unlocked phone updates. "If you usually wear glasses, you might want to keep them on while you set up Face recognition".

When analyzing the kernel source code for the Galaxy S10, XDA Developers discovered what is rumored to be a codename for the Note 10: "davinci".

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