Unvaccinated Kids Are Now Banned From Schools In Italy

Italy bans unvaccinated kids from school

Enlarge Image Italian children under 6 years old are banned from going to school if they're not vaccinated. Shutterstock

Italian children are no longer allowed to attend school unless they can prove they have been properly vaccinated under a new law.

But in a reversal of policy, the coalition fell into line with mainstream medical opinion and insisted that as of this week, children attending school must receive immunisations for a range of infectious diseases, including measles, mumps, rubella and polio.

According to the BBC, the local authority in Bologna has already sent letters of suspension to the parents of approximately 300 kindergarten children and around 5,000 don't have up-to-date vaccination documentation.

The legislation follows months of debate over compulsory vaccination and came amid a surge in measles cases. However, the B.C. government has said that it is only planning to require mandatory reporting of vaccination status in the upcoming school year.

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The last day for parents to turn in vaccine documents was Monday.

Health Minister Giulia Grillo said the rules were now simple: "No vaccine, no school".

According to the BBC, Italy has fallen behind other countries in terms of vaccination rates. Those people believe that vaccines are risky and, depending on what misinformation they have absorbed, can cause everything from autism and attention deficit disorder to "vaccine overload", a made-up condition that is not an actual medical term. "With the advent of the Internet, people have the illusion they can access and read data by themselves, removing the need for technical and scientific knowledge".

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