Brexit: MPs to vote on 29 March no-deal exit from EU

A Brexit expert on where Theresa May went wrong in her negotiations

A Brexit expert on where Theresa May went wrong in her negotiations

Theresa May's cabinet rebelled against her as MPs voted to block a no-deal Brexit.

It said backing for the PM's deal has now more than doubled to 40% - though the responses had been given before the Commons voted to take a no-deal Brexit off the table on Wednesday night.

He said: "The Prime Minister has run down the clock and the clock has been run out on her". "There are only two ways to leave the European Union: with or without a deal". Tariffs would be maintained to protect some industries, including agriculture.

But backbench Tory MPs - including former ministers - called for heads to roll and urged Mrs May to restore discipline within the Government.

Earlier, there was a chink of light for Theresa May as an amendment tabled by Hillary Benn MP which would have seen her lose effective control of the Parliamentary timetable was defeated by just 2 votes.

The PM had made a last-minute plea to MPs to back her deal after she had secured legal assurances on the Irish backstop from the European Union during late-night talks in Strasbourg on Monday.

"The PM said the choice was between her deal and no deal. Parliament must now take control of the situation".

He said: "Prime Minister, have you had the opportunity to consider whether you would support that amendment?"

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Some of her colleagues around the Cabinet table think it shows she has to tack to a closer deal with the EU. "Tonight she's not even showing the leadership to whip on no deal". She won the vote by 412 to 202.

May responded: "The deal that he's proposing has been rejected several times by this house".

He told MPs: 'We either deliver on the result of the referendum, giving people and businesses across the country the certainty they're calling for and move on as a nation, or we enter into a sustained period of uncertainty during which time the government would work with this House to find a way through, but which I fear would do real damage to the public's faith in politics and trust in our democracy'.

She will tell MPs whether she will vote for no deal or not when she opens Wednesday's debate.

Leading Tory Remainers and Brexiteers, including Dominic Grieve and Boris Johnson, have suggested the prime minister's deal is now "finished" and other options must be brought forward. In addition, 10 Conservative MPs abstained, defying May.

Mrs Newton said she "resigned from the Government so that I could vote for a motion that honours my commitment to my constituents, to leave the European Union with "a deal".

The EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has said the current impasse "can only be solved in the UK" and MPs must decide what they want rather than what they don't.

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