Valve debuts Steam Link Anywhere, opens its multiplayer platform to devs

Steam Link Anywhere lets you play your PC games wherever you like

Valve extend Steam Link out of the home and networking API to all developers

Today, Valve dropped a surprise update for the Steam Link app.

Steam Link allows you to play on your phone, tablet, or TV for free using an app from Google Play.

Steam Link running on Android with the touch controls enabled rather than a paired controller.

If you want to take advantage of this you'll be able to stream your games to an Android device, Raspberry Pi, or Steam Link hardware starting yesterday, with an early beta now available.

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Steam Link - which previously only allowed you to stream your games around your own home - will now let you bounce your games to anywhere in the world, under the slightly revised name of Steam Link Anywhere. You'll have to opt into the Steam client beta with the date of March 13 or newer, and then you can connect to any computer by selecting "Other Computer" from the search.

Valve did not state the exact specifications required to stream at various resolutions, but added that it would continue to improve the Steam Link Anywhere experience.

Steam Link Anywhere means that as long as your internet connection is stable and you don't mind having a computer running while you're out, you should theoretically be capable of playing games literally anywhere. It will be an important year this time around as Valve tries to keep developers from handing exclusivity over to the Epic Games Store. First and foremost is that users need 'a good upload speed' on the network hosting the stream and 'a good network connection' on the one receiving it - neither of which has been quantified in terms of minimal speeds or latencies by Valve.

So, even though the Steam Link is gone, it seems Valve wasn't planning on letting Steam Link's functionality disappear too.

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