What is a Thesis Statement

In the course of college life, students are often faced with the challenge of convincing their tutors that they are relevant, interesting and logical when writing academic assignments. In view of this, any form of writing be it an essay, term paper, coursework or even a dissertation requires some form of persuasion. The writer is obligated to convince the reader that he/she is logical in terms of the academic argument being discussed. After a brief introduction of the subject matter, the introductory paragraph ends with what is referred to as a thesis statement. A thesis statement serves as a summary of the argument that the writer intends to take for the rest of the paper.

A thesis statement tells the reader how the author intends to relay, disseminate and argue the main points for the rest of the paper.

Often in one sentence, a thesis statement summarizes the rest of the paper and just by reading the thesis statement, the reader is able to deduce the conclusion or the argument begins the paper.

When used most presumably in an argumentative essay, a thesis statement directly answers the subject question for example in a topic like ‘should abortion be legalized?’ the thesis statement should illustrate whether or not abortion should be legalized. A thesis statement is often contentious and often describes a subject matter that is open to contention and dispute.

Most of the assignments do not clearly indicate where a thesis statement should appear and it is often upon the student to decide. However in the contemporary linguistically culture, a thesis statement is the last sentence in the first paragraph (often put in italics and underlined). If your task requires you to develop a claim or a subject, this claim should be stated in the thesis statement for clarity. Most tasks do not require students to state a thesis statement. This implies that your tutor may not necessarily require or state that you develop a thesis statement. This is because sometimes, your tutor may explicitly assume that you will develop one.

How to get a thesis statement

A thesis statement is developed after a student’s reads and understands the requirements of the task. Formulating a thesis statement should not be the first thing a student starts with when assigned an academic task. First, students should take it upon themselves to collect and organize evidence, evaluate relationships between facts and opinions from related fields and lastly analyze the significance of these relationships. How to know whether your thesis statement is strong

When coming up with a thesis statement ask yourself this…

Does my thesis statement answer the research question? Reading and understanding the research question or the topic can help you find a better thesis statement that is both relevant and focuses on the question.

Have I taken an approach that is contentious and open to debate?” If you find that your thesis statement does not open some contention or is somehow not open to debate, then you are probably just stating or summarizing your work in total disregard of a strong thesis statement.