What is education tracking? Three key factors shared

Education is the most critical factors in the life of human being. Everybody needs proper training to become wise and smart. You can imagine life without adequate knowledge and education about worldly things. The word of learning becomes the most critical part of the children who want to be something special.

Everybody wants to prove their abilities and education is always bringing help to you to show your skills in this materialistic world. Apart from all this, some education departments of the world want to do something particular education sector. The questions like what is tracking in educationconfirm this statement.

In this article, we are going to discuss some basics of tracking in education and about its main benefits.

The need for tracking in the education system

The tracking is not related to moving things here and there, and it referred to the student’s ability to take the education at a certain level. Means what type of ability student have to grasp the things of knowledge. This system divides the different understanding of students to their best level of intelligence. Each student asks to change the class according to their ability to grasp in the class. This varies from high, mid, and low, so each student allows for sitting in the course according to their intelligence level in the class.

About its benefits

Well if we talk about its benefits, the first thing which comes in mind is its, system of providing the best place to the student according to their intellectual level. Every student placed according to their smartness in education. If the children are brilliant in studies, then the advisors chose the high level of the student because of his or her ability to grasp things more smartly.


It benefits all the student because it the help students to get their best place in the class to the best education according to their level, so it does wonders in the education system by providing the best option to the children.


It also has some flaws like it promotes racism and sexism in the class because sometimes the advisor uses this ability to change the quality of the student in the wrong way. And this eventually hurts the system of the education of a particular country. We should understand that the system should be used according to their means of making the culture of learning.